Sapphire Premium Emulsion

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Sapphire Premium Emulsion

Sapphire7 Premium Emulsion is a one stop solution for your interior emulsion . The range offers high performance emulsion and has a good washability , stain resistance an give a semi gloss smooth finish.

Surface preparation : For Fresh /New Surfaces: strip all loose particles from the surface through wire brushing and scraping surfaces or sand papering and wipe down, wash the surface with water and allow to dry. For previously painted surface : Strip all the old paint and loose particles from the surface before starting the above process. Apply one coat of Seal-o-Coat penetrating acrylic primer and allow it to dry for 6-8 hours .After applying Wall putty allow it to dry for 4-6 hours. Sand the surface with emery paper and wipe clean. Apply one coat of Interior primer or Seal-o-Coat and allow it to dry for 6-8 hours.

Dilution Ratio:

Thin one litre premium emulsion with 400ml-500ml of water .Apply 2-3 coats of the paint with an interval of 3-4 hours between successive coats.