Sapphire Exterior Emulsion

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Sapphire Exterior Emulsion

Sapphire7 exterior emulsion is used as an exterior paint for economy range, In the case of dry to moderately humid weather, choose Sapphire Exterior Emulsion. It is a water-based exterior wall finish that comes with silicon additives.

Surface Preparation The surface to be coated should be clean and free from contamination. Rust, mill scale, oxide deposits on mild steel surfaces should be completely removed either by mechanically abrading the surface or through abrasive blast clean technique. Also, the substrate should be free from dew as it directly relates to premature paint failure. A scotch brite pad can be employed to mechanically abrade GI and Aluminium surfaces, if required. Care should be taken to avoid removal of excess zinc during surface preparation of GI.


Sapphire epoxy coating is a two pack system with a base and a hardener. Mix the base and hardener in the recommended proportions. Improper ratio leads to sub-standard performance. Add hardener slowly to the base and mix thoroughly. Container lids of the base and the hardener should be tightly closed after partial use. Mix the base and hardener to achieve a homogeneous mixture. Power agitation is recommended with over hand mixing. After thorough mixing add the epoxy thinner to achieve desired application viscosity. Do not add thinner to the base or hardener directly. During application , lease ensure a dust free environment .The paint can be applied by conventional methods or by airless spray. Substrate temperature should be at least 3°C above the dew point.